Challeneges drives us, whether its fighting against fraud / malpractices. For vested interests people around the globe counterfeit, alter and reproduce the documents. To prevent such risks for our customers we have introduced several security features on all our documents. We suggest these features to our customers basing on the nature of the document and its movement

The advanced security features provided by us, help in fighting against document alteration, copying the documents on colour scanners and makes difficult to reproduce/counterfeit by others.

By virtue of our association with Standard Register Company - leader in security document printing, we have the access to the latest technologies in the world. We consult our Principals for all special jobs. The Standard Register Company also provides specialty inks and coatings for these special jobs.

  • Microline Printing
  • Reverse Microline printing
  • Void photograph
  • High resolution boarder
  • Invisible Printing
  • Guilloche Back grounds
  • Embossing
  • Prismatic Printing
  • Opaque text
  • Penetrating Numbers
  • Holograms
  • Foil stamping
  • Sculptured text
  • Visible / Invisible Fluorescent inks
  • ecure number font (Done along with variable printing )
  • Artificial water marks
  • Simulated Water mark
  • Aqua Fugitive Printing
  • Thermo chromic inks
  • Latent text
  • Linear & 2 D barcodes having the link/ data of the document